Who Are We?

Raising Hope is a Charity organization dedicated to helping impoverished students in Kerala, India at Infant Jesus Balabhavan by providing financial and educational support. Due to unfavorable circumstances such a poverty, lack of family support, and lack of resources several students in India are unable to graduate high school and attend high education. Instead, several students immediately enter the workforce working low income jobs.

We believe that accessible and quality education combined with an encouraging environment is what allows students to succeed.

Our mission: Share. Care. Grow Together.

This website will detail our journey to bring God's light to those less fortunate than ourselves and the goals that we accomplish on our way.


Raising Hope started out as a group of friends from St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, in East Millstone, NJ, who felt the call to help their struggling brothers and sisters. We heard of a group of girls in Pala, Kerala, close to our homes in India, who were studying and living with a group of sisters at a center known as Infant Jesus Balabhavan. We started to visit them and spend time with them during our visits to India.

Since then, our group has branched out to the members' schools and other activities, collecting members for its committee and organizing itself to make the group more effective. We brought the intention to serve these children back home with us, and we organized a group to better our efforts. Thus began Raising Hope.