Club Guidelines

Raising Hope Guidelines Raising Hope is a children’s organization, part of the St.Thomas Syro Malabar Church CML program, that strives to instill virtues of compassion, empathy, and leadership in its younger members. This organization, led by children with support from their parents, is dedicated to helping poor people of similar ages as the kids so that they may understand their situation and help them improve their future. For this reason, kids part of Raising Hope donate money either from their own pocket money or through various fundraisers approved by the St. Thomas Syro Malabar Church to provide financial and educational support to a selected group of children agreed upon by the Raising Hope members with the approval of both the CML leads and parish authorities. Due to unfavorable circumstances such as poverty, lack of family support, and lack of resources, several students in India are unable to graduate high school and attend higher education. Instead, these students immediately enter the workforce working low-income jobs. We believe that accessible and quality education combined with an encouraging environment is what allows students to succeed. Raising Hope does various forms of volunteering and outreach in Kerala, New Jersey, New York, such as visiting senior homes, helping out in soup kitchens/food pantry, feeding the homeless, supporting, and providing supplies to low-income communities, etc. Our mission: Share. Care. Grow Together.


1. All Raising Hope members must be in 7th grade or older

2. All Raising Hope members must pay an annual due of $50

3. All Raising Hope members must fill out a registration form in order to ensure their membership

4. All Raising Hope members 18 years or older must attend the Safe Environment Class. This certification must be renewed every 3 years

5. All Raising Hope activities should be communicated to Achan and trustees

6. Raising Hope members may begin taking up leadership positions from 9th grade onwards and will be based on seniority and active participation.

7. Senior Raising Hope members should help and mentor younger members to take up responsibilities

8. All Raising Hope members should attend monthly meetings every 4th Friday

9. Parents should attend meetings with kids and supervise all activities

10. All Raising Hope members should participate in charitable activities and at least 1 fundraising activity every year

11. Raising Hope can have its chapters in other communities (ex. Schools, other parishes)