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Do you want to join us in our mission, to bring God’s light to those in need?
Do you want to find your satisfaction in giving to others?

Contact us, anytime.

Below is the list of our members:

President: Danny Kuriakose
Vice President: Joseph Pulikeyil
Secretary: Leona Tomy
Treasurer: Ranjeet George                                                                               International Coordinators: Sophia Chirayil, Joseph Chirayil                                Public Relations Coordinators: Julia John, Grace Alexander                                 Web Design: Gracious Anithanam, Ryan Stephen                                      Fundraising Leader: Vaishak Kurian, Amy Kuriakose, Kevin Stephen                 Active Members: Brittany Perumpail, Brianna Perumpail,  Danny Pattathil, Rebecca Sebastian

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  1. / ReplyLeona
    Great job Kevin and Ranjeet!
  2. / ReplyLeona
    Great Job with the website Kevin!

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