Since Jan 2019, Raising Hope has worked to serve the children and needs of Liseiuxsadanam--a group that's part of Mariyasadanam, a registered NGO in Pala, Kerala that rehabilitates and empowers socially disadvantaged individuals through education, training, and promoting awareness.

Mariyasadanam models a unique mindset in tackling mental illness. Art, music, yoga, handicraft works, group activities, prayer, gardening, animal husbandry, mediation and counselling and the like are employed here in treatment and rehabilitation. Even cooking is a joyful experience here. Love and care are the basis of all these initiatives.

People who make a recovery from homelessness and mental illness make different choices about their future course of life. Some want to go back to their families; some may have resistant families. Others might have no families to go back to or may not want to go back to their families, so they seek employment. Others require long term support due to age or profound physical or mental illness.

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The Balabhavan in Pala, Kerala is a center for girls whose parents cannot afford to support them at home or provide education. It is run by 8 Carmelite Sisters.

There are 2 rooms for 49 girls. One room has bunk beds so close to each other where personal space is considered a dream. The other room has single beds with more space between the beds.

They wash their clothes outside on rocks. The girls have chores to do, which include feeding the animals, pulling weeds and cleaning.

They have 2 designated areas to study where there are about 6 girls per desk. There is one hall, where they have a computer with no internet, a few shelves of books, a TV and a few desks for meetings. They eat together in the cafeteria and pray together in a beautiful chapel. Most of these girls enjoy singing and dancing which we really enjoyed watching.

Each girl is allotted a minimal amount of money from government and Catholic Association.  Most of the facilities there are sponsored by people who are willing to contribute to this home.

Through the funds we raise through Raising Hope, we try to encourage the students at Balabhavan to pursue higher education and be motivated to study hard.

Our donation have contributed towards several building renovations and financial support including:

  1. New Computer Lab and Laptop
  2. New Fans and Mattresses for Students
  3. Library for Students
  4. Tiles Renovation
  5. Tuition Classes for difficult subjects
  6. Scholarship Money for Excelling Students: Every year 250 rupees is awarded to students who excel on the Final and Midterm exams. This money encourages students to study hard.

In total, over $14,000 has been contributed to helping the students at Balabhavan succeed.